Cold start to the year

Posted by Darren Panto on 5 January 2010 | 0 Comments

<p>It is freezing today. Spoke to Lucy at Visions Holiday Group (<a href=""></a>) who is attending the AiTO Specialist Travel Agents conference at Warwick in two week-ends time. This is always a good quality week-end but it seems not as many agents as normal are attending this year - I have heard this now from a few operators. Still, it is a good chance to make some useful contacts from both a travel agent and a tour operator's perspective. Also catch up today with Yasmina whom I used to work with. She is now plying her trade at Mosaic Holidays (<a href=""></a>) and learning about new destinations while still being able to use her expertise on Egypt and Jordan. I recall one time when she had a client who had booked an holiday but was refusing to take travel insurance - a mystery to me why people would travel without holiday insurance, and definitely grounds for cancelling from a tour operator's point of view. The law states that operators should advise clients they must have comprehensivetravel insurance and they must have a procedure in place for doing so. The big two ask for the policy number. But if someone refuses to take any insurance and tells you they are not doing so, I would urge you to take a stand and cancel their holiday. Look what happened to poor Martha Lane-Fox, founder of and multi-millionaire - when in a road accident involving a taxi in Morocco, she did not have insurance, treatment in hospital was delayed until it was proven that she could cover costs, and it set her recovery back forever. "Duty of care" can bite you and be very costly, potentially.</p>